"Live Life in Full Color!"

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Socks and Soles! Getting Creative With Color.

It's always a bit fascinating when we come across unique ways that color is creatively used in fashion and design. It's those accents of color that can take an outfit, a photograph, a room or even nature's naturalness of color from the 'same old, same old' to absolutely breathtaking.

This month we found an ad for Johnston & Murphy to be quite appealing in its application of color to one of its classic style of boots. The slogan is even catchy: "Soles with Soul. The Classic Chukka
Gets a Reboot." Quite interesting huh?! A beautiful addition of color is quite the "reboot" when we're so used to seeing basic brown or black soles on dress/casual shoes. Thumbs up to Johnston & Murphy (and other designers as well) for incorporating such a unique use of color! I'd say the boots definitely have SOUL!

I find this ad to be a perfect ode to PRASM's Color-Style focused brand. We're all about using color to liven up the attire, as well as the nature of the individual wearing it! It's interesting the way fashion designers are beginning to focus on accents of dynamic color these days. Color can most definitely take a look from 'hum drum' to one of kind with just a simple splash of color. No extra dramatic trinkets needed, just plain and fabulous color. Whether it's socks, soles or belts and wristbands color is bound to liven up your look effortlessly.

PRASM's Cotton-Blend Sports socks are not only a comfortable way to treat your feet, but they are great for adding a bit of style and  'flavor' to your feet. Give your white athletic socks a rest for a while and try a dose of color down there! 

Don't just live, but Live Life In Full Color!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Be Inspired by the Warmth of Orange!!

With Halloween around the corner and Autumn already here we will touch on the significance of the color orange.

When considering the Halloween and the Autumn season, Orange is the perfect color to depict the vivid and natural changes we see in nature as we go from summer to fall.

Orange inspires us toward joy and creativity. It promotes a sense of general wellness and emotional energy that should be shared, such as compassion, passion, and warmth. No wonder this color is so prevalent around family-oriented holiday of Thanksgiving!

Studies have shown that orange has a significant influence on the mind and body. It has the ability to ignite within us a "heightened sense of activity, increased socialization, boost in aspiration, stimulated mental activity, increased oxygen supply to the brain, increased contentment, and enhanced assurance. Orange also helps aid decision making, and enhances happiness, confidence, and understanding." (http://tinyurl.com/qgumf3a)

Orange is the color of creativity. Wear it or keep it around when you need that boost of inspiration and creative effort.

Orange is also a wonderful color for drawing in warm attention from others. Unlike red, orange doesn't provoke bold (and sometimes uncomfortable) attention, but instead a heartfelt and joyful kind. Spread cheer and goodness to others just by wearing orange yourself!

Since orange is associated with seasonal changes, it is a great color for enacting change in your life. This sort of change is of the patient and savoring kind! Orange promotes savoring each moment in life and in this case each moment that we spend toward changing ourselves and the environment around us!

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Join Our Color-Style Revolution!

Want to be a part of something fresh and new? Want to promote and resell beautiful, color-enriched accessories? Are you looking to get involved in a new and different expression of style? If so, then PRASM Clothing could be an excellent business venture for you!!

PRASM Clothing is more than just a slick, color-style brand that does business individually with our customers, but PRASM is shooting beyond the stars as well! 

To interested companies, we offer the option to resell our belts, wristbands, and socks in your own establishment! So whether you're an "up and coming" business or an already well-established one, we open our doors to you if you would like to join the PRASM, Color-Style revolution!! 

In addition, we offer companies the option of ordering custom colored belts! While the PRASM brand offers all the basic colors (and then some), we also love acknowledging each business owner's personal taste! So if there's a color that isn't originally featured on the PRASM blog or website, then companies have the option of requesting custom made colors of their choice!  

However, this is only an option that we offer to fellow business owners who may be interested in reselling our product in their own establishment. Unfortunately, we don't offer this option to each individual customer.

For more details on how you can be a part of the PRASM color-style revolution, find our contact information at the bottom of this page! Thank you for stopping by our blog and have a wonderful week!


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Keep Your Valuables Secure with a PRASM Sports Wristband!

Do you ever desire to go for a run or walk or to the gym, but don't feel like being weighed down by your wallet or (coin) purse? The PRASM Water-Resistant Zipper-Pocket Wristbands are the perfect clothing accessory for your sporting activities. Our PRASM Zipper-Pocket Wristbands can hold your keys, debit/credit cards, I.D.s, loose change, and bills. Our sports wristband gives one the security of knowing that they have their most immediately valuable items within reach.

The PRASM Zipper-Pocket Wristband is made of a high quality, Ring-Spun Absorbent Cotton-Blend which features an elastic band for comfort, fit, and superb shape retention. Our patented Water-Resistant pocket liner is designed to protect your valuables from getting wet from sweat and the elements during your daily workouts or runs.

There are two different sizes/styles you can choose from. Size A (on the left) is our short wristband, good for holding money and a key or two. Size B (on the right) is our longer wristband, good for holding money, keys, I.D.s, and debit/credit cards. We currently carry these wristbands in an assortment of vibrant colors to suit any taste!

PRASM Clothing products are also designed for those who consider themselves fashion-forward, and are some of the most unique and original accessories around! So if you simply want to wear your PRASM sports wristband for style, feel free to do that as well! They add a great pop of color to your more relaxed and casual styles.

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Have a great week and be not afraid to "Live Life in Full Color!" :)

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Coolness of Color!

At PRASM, color is our primary focus for various reasons. One important reason we love to focus our attention on color is because of its power to transform our moods, energies and our state of mind! I hope you find this list inspirational or at the very least, a great resource! Listed below are colors and a few of their meanings.

o   Enhances human metabolism
o   Promotes respect, recognition and strength
o   Draws attention
o   Boosts mental and physical energy
o   Promotes honesty, aggression and a strong will
o   Promotes assertiveness
o   Enhances passionate love, sex, great energy and confidence
o   Brings passion and strength to relationships

o   Enhances good communication, peace, hope and aspiration
o   Promotes sincerity, devotion and patience
o   Symbolizes creativity, productiveness, honor and loyalty
o   Dark blue is the color of prestige, authority and power figures
o   Blue is beneficial for the mind and body as it slows human metabolism and produces a calming effect
o   Stimulates appreciation of music and arts
o   Opens the mind to realities beyond the physical senses

o   Gray is for neutrality and self-control
o   Enhances peace
o   For sophistication
o   Promotes friendship and quiet strength
o   Influences innocence
o   Enhances intelligence, modesty and dignity 
o   For balance and self-reliance

o   Green soothes and relaxes
o   Promotes abundance, prosperity and hope
o   Promotes stability, calmness and expansion
o   This is a color of balance
o   Promotes forgiveness and compassion
o   Enhances growth, new life and nature
o   Green is refreshing
o   Promotes love, beauty and inner peace

o   Yellow illuminates and clears the mind of the shadow of uncertainty
o   Promotes the warm promise of new beginnings and hope
o   Helps overcome obstacles
o   Gathers self-confidence
o   Stimulates the mind
o   Influences success, progress, change and business communication
o   Connects us to our mental self
o   Promotes personal power, strength and a sense of self
o   Promotes enthusiasm and joy

o   Promotes enthusiasm, fascination, happiness and creativity
o   For full bodied power
o   Great for emotional energy and determination
o   Invigorates
o   Entices sensual pleasure
o   Promotes laughter, good things in life and increased interest
o   Connects us to our senses
o   Emotional balancing

o   For emotional love of self and others
o   Puts you in contact with your feelings of caring, tenderness, self-worth and love
o   Influences acceptance
o   Enhances or draws in friendships
o   For romantic and charming passion
o   Connects us with the heart to enhance giving and receiving
o   For youthfulness, enthusiasm and gentle energy 
o   Relieves tension

o   Purple is for power, nobility, luxury and ambition
o   For creativity
o   This is the color of mystery
o   Promotes spirituality
o   Urges us to find our power within
o   Enhances wisdom, dignity and independence
o   For the adventurous heart
o   Creative and strong mental
o   Promotes liveliness and tranquility

o   White is for purity, truth and innocence
o   For simplicity
o   Promotes safety, purity and cleanliness
o   For new beginnings, simplicity, peace and protection
o   Enhances inspiration
o   Opens one up
o   For balance and harmony
o   Connects us to our higher self

o   For power, elegance and formality
o   Grounds and protects
o   To become cloaked in mystery, wear black
o   Promotes potential and possibility
o   Enhances perspective and depth
o   Enhances confidence
o   For survival and self-control

o   Brown is for order, convention and stability
o   Promotes naturalness
o   Helps one to stay in the background and go unnoticed
o   Puts us in tune with nature
o   For simplicity and solidity
o   Promotes healing
o   Enhances sophistication and elegance
o   Promotes reliability

Try your best to remain conscious of the colors you wear or the colors you choose for your home or daily environment. They can reveal a lot about who you are at the deeper level, thus providing a better key to understanding yourself. Knowing the metaphysical properties of colors is also helpful when you desire to draw more of a particular type of energy or quality of being into your character or environment.

Feel free to visit our website. We host an array of color-style belts, sports socks and sports wristbands for both men and women. Enrich your wardrobe by adding a dash of splendid color. In a sense... "Live life in color."

Cheers to you!

by Trice Lashea (Artsy Scribing & Design)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Live Life In Full Color #LLIFC

Thanks for stopping by the PRASM blog. Let's get into some color talk! Often times we think of the colors we are going to wear each day in terms of whether or not they make a fashion statement or whether or not
they flatter us physically. This is great, but color serves a very different function that most people are not aware of. Actually this "hidden" function that color serves is the most important in my opinion because it has an impact on our energy and psychological disposition.

What I mean is that all colors have metaphysical properties (beyond what we can see) which affect our mentality whether we are aware of it or not. This is why some colors make us feel extra good and happy, while others might make us feel "so-so." One need only tune into the colors they wear each day to sense the effects that colors have. Sensing the energetic qualities of different colors might not happen overnight, but if you are conscious of the metaphysical qualities that colors you wear each day, you will be able to feel and know what I am referring to.

In this post I would like to highlight a few colors and their psychological properties. Green is a color that promotes peace of the heart and gives us a connection to our fellow man and the natural world around us. This is why we often feel this sense of peace during the spring season, when the trees are blossoming all over again and the grass is returning to a deeper shade of green. It is often recommended that one step out into nature and go for a walk or run when they are upset or downtrodden. This has a lot to do with the color green and the effect it has on our minds and hearts. Green is also the color that promotes growth and abundance. Nature is another indicator of this. We see this growth and abundance in the natural world when the abundance of greenery returns after a long, cold winter.

Yellow says to the mind, "be courageous and shine!" Yellow asks us to put our best foot forward and know that an effort is better than not trying at all. The sun is often associated with the color yellow, and rightfully so. The sun has the same effect on us that the color yellow does. When the sun is shining we often feel more courageous and upbeat. We have an initial spark inside that makes most of us happy. The sun often makes us feel like putting on our best clothes and putting our best self out in the world. Yellow encourages us in this way. So the next time you wear something yellow tune into the feeling of utter joy, courageousness and light-hearted confidence. It can get your day off to a positive start.

White is often associated with new beginnings, rebirth and a clearing of the mind. It promotes starting over from a clean slate and from a place of unfathomable peace. Wear white when you want to renew yourself and feel rejuvenated in your spirit and mind. As your wear it feel in your heart and mind that things are new and much different than they were yesterday. Feel this with your entire being.

Purple is often associated with royalty or nobility in the outer world. In addition, it helps one to connect with the royalty and power that resides within in oneself. Purple promotes the message that within is where true power must start and where the foundation of power must lie. This color is great when one wants to retreat to an inner place of peace and get to know themselves better. It helps with the transference of ones inner qualities and power out into the everyday world.

These are just a few of the ways that color can help us from a psychological position. Whether we consciously acknowledge it or not, color is always affecting us in one way or another. Start researching and tuning into the colors you wear each day and make a note of the influence they begin to have on you over time.

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Trice Lashea (Artzy Scribing & Dezign)

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Green Is A Terrific Color to Welcome in the Spring Season!!

One of our primary themes at PRASM has been the focus of color and the psychological and emotional effects they have on us. Today, our focus is on the color green!

One of the primary and most abundant colors in nature is green. When you gaze outside your window, with the exception of looking up at the sky and seeing blue, you see green everywhere! This isn't a coincidence in nature, especially when you tune into what the color green stands for and the energy it promotes.

Green is the color of peace and universal love. This is one of the reasons that taking walks outdoors is so calming for our spirits and physical bodies. Green resets a broken spirit or a broken heart -at least for a time. It's up to you to maintain that peace of mind, however.

Green is  also the color of abundance. This makes sense as well when you think about how the color green is prominent in the natural world. Wear this color when you want to feel in tune with the world around you and when you need to be filled with an abundance of love for all. This abundance of universal love and peace, then draws in more of what you need and desire for yourself.

Green is also the color of transformation. When you're looking to make a drastic change in your life, let this color work its magic. Toads and frogs aren't green by coincidence. If you study the essence of the frog, you see that it is a primary symbol of transformation and evolution.

This is another color that I feel is underrated in the world of fashion. I, personally, don't see a lot of it incorporated in style trends. But perhaps this can change when we become aware of just how important green is to our world and our physical, spiritual, emotional and psychological well being.

So what are you waiting for? Adorn or surround yourself in something green today! It doesn't matter how much or how little green you have, just mentally tuning into the color is the way to gain the benefits of it.

To shop the color-style PRASM collection, visit our online store at www.PRASMCLOTHING.com. We specialize in color-style socks and belts for men and women. And of course green is featured in our collection. Have a look!

Wishing a wonderful rest of the week to all of our readers!

Cheers :)

Patrice (Artsy Scribing and Design)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Open Yourself Up With Something Blue

Blue is such a calm and soothing color. It can be your best friend when your emotions are running haywire! Find something blue (a body of water, a garment, a room, etc) to assist you in calming your inner turmoil or anxiety.

Blue is also the color of verbal communication. Rocking this color or having it around you allows your words to flow more fluidly and from the heart or from a place of balance. In other words, blue gives you the confidence to say what you need to say without any fear or reservations about it.

We have come to associate water with the color blue and like water, blue gives us the ability to move fluidly throughout our day. It lends us a beautiful grace that others marvel at and wish they had for themselves. This means that where others would get perturbed at or even stalled by obstacles, those in tune with the color blue would move effortlessly through them -seeing those obstacles as aids in life rather than hindrances.

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Cheers to you and have a great week! :)

Trice Lashea (Artsy Scribing & Design)