"Live Life in Full Color!"

Monday, December 26, 2011

Introducing Our New Color-Style Line, PRASM!

PRASM Clothing is an apparel company featuring men's and women's socks and belts. How is the PRASM line different from other apparel companies? PRASM is different because it offers an array of beautiful, bold colors that can turn a "simple" outfit into a more expressive one! PRASM is set apart from other apparel lines because its focus is on colors and how they can be worn as, not only a stylish addition, but a positive addition to your wardrobe as well!

PRASM was founded on the thought that typical, everyday attire did not have enough solid, refreshing color. With this thought came the bright idea to incorporate dynamic, solid-colored socks and belts as a way to elevate a look from "simple" to artistic and fashionably expressive! Beyond the fashion angle, the designers at PRASM know that colors in general have significant spiritual and psychological properties attached to them. Colors come with their own vibrations or energies and contribute most effectively to our state of mind. (We'll do future blog posts on the importance of color in your wardrobe, so be sure to come back for more).

The PRASM brand is aimed at men and women from middle school to mid-to-late forties. This line of apparel can fit into any lifestyle and compliment any wardrobe! PRASM Clothing also has an artistic niche that appeals highly to the skateboard and hip-hop genre of urban color-style seekers. PRASM is designed for those who love to draw positive attention to themselves, those who value the boldest and most original sense of self expression and those who love to look good without trying too hard!

The PRASM brand was trademarked in November of 2010 and the company has very high hopes for the future! Over the next few years or so the goal is to end up in all major department stores across the country. As far as future PRASM products go, the designers are working on new styles, designs and fabrics which will be announced as they are finalized. Keep an eye out!

Welcome, again, to PRASM Clothing! Grab a few belts and socks for yourself and add a dash of color to your life!


Friday, December 9, 2011

Make PRASM Part of Your Holiday Season

Happy Holidays!!! The time of year is upon us where giving is a grand theme! Giving can take place on many levels. It doesn't have to be extravagant or overly expensive and in some cases giving doesn't have to cost a thing! I don't know about you guys and gals, but I get supremely overjoyed this time of year at all the love that permeates the atmosphere!

If you are in the habit of giving physical gifts at Christmas time, then that's great! Nothing beats an unexpected token of love ... something to let your loved ones know you were thinking of them.

Memorable and spontaneous gift giving is a great way to touch the hearts of those you love! The PRASM collection of color-rich socks and belts are a wonderful choice because not only are you giving, but you are enhancing or introducing the recipient to a whole new way of self expression!

PRASM makes this very simple by offering high quality, conveniently priced and beautifully colored belts and socks! You "up the ante" of a loved one's style or in other words you help them complement their look without breaking the bank! Plus, PRASM accessories make for great items to put in your Christmas stockings! Not to mention ... if you have nieces or nephews (or your own children), a hip aunt or uncle, a good friend or otherwise, then the PRASM collection is perfect because we offer items that everyone can use AND it's a great way to surprise those that you haven't given gifts to in the past. Imagine how touched the unsuspected loved one might be at receiving a pair of vibrantly colored, comfortable, 'no slip' socks. Or they might be happy to receive one or more of our stylish, high quality belts ... designed to make any style "POP!"

Is bold color not your thing? No worries, because you can tone it down with our black, white, beige, brown, gray or khaki colored belts and socks! One of the best features of the PRASM line is that the moment you get the items in your hand, you can feel for yourself that you have received very quality merchandise! They will not only make you look good on your casual days, but will also offer the thick, durable and supportive quality one might look for in a pair of socks or a belt. Make PRASM an option this holiday season! You wont be disappointed and neither will the recipient :)

To find the full PRASM collection, please visit our website www.PRASMClothing.com or shop with us on eBay. And if you're in the St. Louis, MO area, you can stop by our local store to check out the PRASM collection. Please see the very bottom of this page for contact and address information if you plan to stop by!


Monday, November 28, 2011

The Metaphysics of Color

As promised, this week’s post will feature my personal list of color symbologies. At PRASM, color is our primary focus because we know that color has the power to transform moods, energies and simply make us feel good all around! I hope you all find this list inspirational! Listed below are colors and their meanings.

Ø  Red
o   Enhances human metabolism
o   Promotes respect, recognition and strength
o   Draws attention
o   Boosts mental and physical energy
o   Promotes honesty, aggression and a strong will
o   Promotes assertiveness
o   Enhances passionate love, sex, great energy and confidence
o   Brings passion and strength to relationships

Ø  Blue
o   Enhances good communication, peace, hope and aspiration
o   Promotes sincerity, devotion and patience
o   Symbolizes creativity, productiveness, honor and loyalty
o   Dark blue is the color of prestige, authority and power figures
o   Blue is beneficial for the mind and body as it slows human metabolism and produces a calming effect
o   Stimulates appreciation of music and arts
o   Opens the mind to realities beyond the physical senses

Ø  Green
o   Green soothes and relaxes
o   Promotes abundance, prosperity and hope
o   Promotes stability, calmness and expansion
o   This is a color of balance
o   Promotes forgiveness and compassion
o   Enhances growth, new life and nature
o   Green is refreshing
o   Promotes love, beauty and inner peace

Ø  Yellow
o   Yellow illuminates and clears the mind of the shadow of uncertainty
o   Promotes the warm promise of new beginnings and hope
o   Helps overcome obstacles
o   Gathers self-confidence
o   Stimulates the mind
o   Influences success, progress, change and business communication
o   Connects us to our mental self
o   Promotes personal power, strength and a sense of self
o   Promotes enthusiasm and joy

Ø  Orange
o   Promotes enthusiasm, fascination, happiness and creativity
o   For full bodied power
o   Great for emotional energy and determination
o   Invigorates
o   Entices sensual pleasure
o   Promotes laughter, good things in life and increased interest
o   Connects us to our senses
o   Emotional balancing

Ø  Purple
o   Purple is for power, nobility, luxury and ambition
o   For creativity
o   This is the color of mystery
o   Promotes spirituality
o   Urges us to find our power within
o   Enhances wisdom, dignity and independence
o   For the adventurous heart
o   Creative and strong mental
o   Promotes liveliness and tranquility

Ø  White
o   White is for purity, truth and innocence
o   For simplicity
o   Promotes safety, purity and cleanliness
o   For new beginnings, simplicity, peace and protection
o   Enhances inspiration
o   Opens one up
o   For balance and harmony
o   Connects us to our higher self

Ø  Black
o   For power, elegance and formality
o   Grounds and protects
o   To become cloaked in mystery, where black
o   Promotes potential and possibility
o   Enhances perspective and depth
o   Enhances confidence
o   For secrecy
o   For survival and self-control

Ø  Brown
o   Brown is for order, convention and stability
o   Promotes naturalness
o   Helps one to stay in the background and go unnoticed
o   Puts us in tune with nature
o   For simplicity and solidity
o   Promotes healing
o   Enhances sophistication and elegance
o   Promotes reliability

Ø  Gray
o   Gray is for neutrality and self-control
o   Enhances peace
o   For sophistication
o   Promotes friendship and quiet strength
o   Influences innocence
o   Enhances intelligence, modesty and dignity
o   For balance and self-reliance

Ø  Beige
o   For neutrality
o   It calms, nurtures and promotes gentleness
o   This is also a color of elegance
o   For love and romance
o   Enhances fluid emotion

Ø  Pink
o   For emotional love of self and others
o   Puts you in contact with your feelings of caring, tenderness, self-worth and love
o   Influences acceptance
o   Enhances or draws in friendships
o   For romantic and charming passion
o   Connects us with the heart to enhance giving and receiving
o   For youthfulness, enthusiasm and gentle energy
o   Relieves tension

Thursday, November 17, 2011

~Let Color Inspire You~

When we think of giving or receiving roses, we often think of love and adoration ... and if we are really in tune with the deeper aspect of color, we also consider the color of the rose and what that color symbolizes. For instance, if you receive a single red rose or a bouquet of red roses, you'll often think of romantic love. Yellow roses would put us in the mind of a "friendship love" while white roses might symbolize purity, marriage and new beginnings. Color symbology is not some clever concept some random person thought up while sitting around bored, but colors truly do have energies or vibrations if you open yourself up to them!

Not only do color frequencies and energy resonate through the gesture of giving roses, but color energy resonates through all things! Ever feel a certain way, but have no clue as to why? This could have a whole lot to do with the colors around you or on your body -your attire. Have you ever noticed that wearing certain colors inspire your mood in some way? For instance, if you wore a bright and  beautiful shade of yellow it more than like would lift your mood and might even make you cheery. It might be kinda hard (in general) for you to feel melancholy while adorned in such a high vibratory color. Now wearing black, on the other hand, might inspire you to feel removed from an environment and protected in a sense. You might even wear black if you wear feeling melancholy, as to conceal your emotions. 

Colors mean everything and this is why PRASM's focus is color based! We are not simply interested in trying to set trends and styles, but we have a love for using our products to change lives and lift spirits! Why not make getting dressed everyday even more meaningful?!

The best thing about the PRASM belt and sock collection is that those color frequencies work in the same way as with anything else, but the difference is that you don't have to spend much time deciding how you can use color to your advantage. No! You just simply throw on whatever color-style belt or socks move you for the day and you allow those color energies to get you going!

So perhaps you don't want to leave the house in an orange shirt (or pants), but you want to add a touch of orange at the waste and on your feet. Well you can do this easily with an orange belt or socks. Orange promotes energy, intellect, creativity, endurance, vitality, emotional balance and so much more! If you've never entertained color symbolism, then give it a try while paying attention to the way colors affect your psyche and your energy level!

Need to get your passion up for an event, a person, a project...  wear red. Red promotes courage, passion, strength, power, determination, recognition, respect, physical energy and more. And it doesn't matter how much of a color you're rocking ... it can be just an accent of red and it'll still serve the same purpose. Red nail polish would also serve the same purpose! So would a PRASM belt or socks! It doesn't take much.

Have to give a speech or do you need to have a serious conversation with someone? Feeling uneasy, unbalanced or unsettled? Wearing the color blue brings out good communication, peace, tranquility, calmness, and balance. Blue also promotes truth, loyalty, an active intuition, stability, hope, faith, an open mind and so much more! 

Open yourself up to color energies and become aware of that which you are attracting to yourself. Don't underestimate the power of color!

In the next post, I will cover all the colors in a list or chart form! In the meantime, you could research some of the metaphysical color properties on your own! It's fun... really it is! Turn the simple things in life, like getting dressed, into something with a deeper, more meaningful purpose! To find our PRASM collection, please visit our website here!

Also, don't forget that if you're in the St. Louis area, you can also stop by our local store as well. Find the business hours at the very bottom of this page. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful rest of the week :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

~Join Our Color-Style Revolution~

Want to be a part of something fresh and new? Want to promote and resell beautiful, color-enriched accessories? Are you looking to get involved in a new and different expression of style? If so, then PRASM Clothing could be an excellent business venture for you!!

PRASM Clothing is more than just a slick, color-style brand that does business individually with our customers, but PRASM is shooting beyond the stars as well! 

To interested companies, we offer the option to resell our belts and socks in your own establishment! So whether you're an "up and coming" business or an already well-established one, we open our doors to you if you want to join the PRASM, Color-Style revolution!! 

In addition, we offer companies the option of ordering custom colored belts! While the PRASM brand offers all the basic colors (and then some), we also love acknowledging each business owner's personal taste! So if there's a color that isn't originally featured on the PRASM blog or website, then companies have the option of requesting custom made colors of their choice!  

However, this is only an option that we offer to fellow business owners who may be interested in reselling our product in their own establishment. Unfortunately, we don't offer this option to each individual customer.

For more details on how you can be a part of the PRASM color-style revolution, find our contact information at the bottom of this page! Thank you for stopping by our blog and have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What's Your Flavor?

Are you retro, abstract, urban, funky, fun, laid back, eclectic...? Are you simply a person who loves to add a bit of flavor to anything you rock? Remember the old adage, "less is more?" Well that bit of wisdom most certainly applies to our attire, too. If you look at the fashion world -both past and present- you notice that popular fashion critics tend to choose the understated "celebrity" style as some of their most favorite looks. The world's "style" icons usually are those who have mastered the understated look by not doing too much, nor doing too little. At PRASM, the saying, "less is more" definitely applies!  

PRASM belts are such a good choice because they don't overpower your look, nor do they go unnoticed! They add a perfect, vibrant touch to your flair. The wonderful thing about this is that you don't have to put a lot of thought into how you'd add more flavor to your look, but instead you can choose from a multitude of colored belts! Many of these colors (purple, blue, orange, green, etc.) can go well with a number of casual looks (regardless of what color you're already wearing). We are now in a fashion era where many are flowing toward a more abstract look -by blending "unusual" styles and colors together. PRASM is a great way to do just that!

This is a great example of how different looks and colors
can come together perfectly, creating an urban vintage, yet modern look!
Featured in this photograph is our Bright Red PRASM belt, which can be
purchased here!
Imagine this... You're rushing from the house to meet a friend for brunch. You simply want to throw on a pair of your favorite jeans (or khakis, as in the picture above)! You rock your jeans with one of your simple tops because you're not in the mood to get super fly or 'glammed' up... BUT you still want to turn a few heads or better yet, you want to add some flair to your look! This is where a nice, solid colored PRASM belt becomes your 'go-to' accessory! Your jeans and top go from a casual tone to one with a bit of edge and uniqueness, all without taking up too much of your time! So when you're scurrying out the door to meet friends, grab a solid colored belt (such as those featured in our PRASM collection) and let it take your outfit up a notch. On your leisure days you don't have to turn your style "off." No. Turn it "on" with something as simple as a quality made, richly colored belt.

PRASM socks serve the same purpose as well, but it adds some "oomph" to your feet and shoe game. Our socks not only serve as a tool for style, but even better than that they fit very comfortably on the foot. So, whether for comfort or style, PRASM socks are a first choice for those who love the best of both worlds!

Elevate your attire... simply. Just add some color at the waist and on your feet (if you dare be bold enough) and set your own trends!!

Cheers, and thank you for taking time to stop by our blog! Have a beautiful week :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

'Sport' Your PRASM Socks!!

The classic anklet sock in red.
We've focused mainly on our PRASM belts, but don't want you all to forget that we also specialize in color-style socks for men and women. Just like our PRASM belts, our socks also serve as beautiful accents for your 'everyday' casual attire. Take a casual or neutrally colored shoe and wear a color-style PRASM sock to take your casual shoe game to the next level! Not only do our socks make wonderful, richly colored accents for fashion statements, but they also serve for more practical purposes.
Our thin, 'no-show' ankle socks in light brown.

Classic low-cut sock in orange.

The classic anklet sock in yellow.
PRASM socks are excellent for color-coordinating a sports team. So if you're the coach of a school or little league sports team, then our socks are the answer for you. We carry thin, 'no-show' socks for those who want to wear socks without them being visible to others and thicker socks in our classic low-cut style or classic anklet style. Our thicker socks are ideal for those who love to run because they will stay on your foot and are very comfortable.

PRASM socks are made from a high quality cotton blend and won't bleed nor shrink in the wash, and are designed to stay on your foot. This means that you don't have to deal with the constant and rather annoying slippage of your socks while wearing them. They stay put! Our socks come in various solid colors and are the ideal sock for comfort and style. Give our color-style PRASM socks a go for your sports team or simply for yourself! Cheers!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

PRASM on the STL Fashion Scene and Making Moves

Hello friends! Thank you for stopping by. We are pleased to share with you our involvement on the St. Louis fashion scene this past August. PRASM was featured in the Mista Couture Competition where our beautiful color-style belts were featured in a runway show. It was a great experience and one in which we were able to give PRASM some great exposure. Featured below, in one of the video segments, is an interview with the owner of PRASM! Watch and enjoy :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Turn a Simple and Hot Style Into One With Meaning!

Hello guys and gals, from the folks over at PRASM! Thanks for stopping by.

In the post, Why Should You Care About Color?, we touched on the importance of color in our everyday lives and this week we want to chat a little about the significance of belts and some of the history behind them! Some of us throw a belt on everyday, so why not learn a little about how and why they became a part of our daily wardrobes?! We won't bore you with a bunch of information, so here are a few interesting facts about belts...

Belts were worn outside of the military uniform.

Did you know that:
  •  In eastern parts of Europe, such as Prussia, belts were worn by men to pull their waists in and make the chest protrude more?
  • For ascetic or spiritual reasons, people (gurus especially) wore belts as a symbol of separating the lower body (which signifies the lower nature) from the upper body (which signifies the higher nature)?
  • Belts were originally worn to symbolize a person who was no longer controlled by his carnal (or lower) urges?
  • In the western world, belts were only common for men, with the exception of the early Middle Ages, late 17th century Mantua, and skirt/blouse combinations between 1900 and 1910?
  • Belts served to draw in the waist and give the wearer a trim physique, emphasizing wide shoulders and a pouting chest?
  • Men started wearing belts in the 1920s, as trouser waists fell to a lower line? So the belts were used only for keeping a man's trousers intact!
  • Before the 1920s, belts served mainly for decorative purposes in the western world, and were associated with the military?
There are various other reasons as to why belts were originally worn. We have named only a few!

Belts have an interesting history! They served a purpose beyond simply enhancing fashion and style (and still presently serve as a higher symbol for some people)! The belt's various, less practical applications and uses is what also makes belt wearing so cool and meaningful. This brings us to our beloved PRASM brand...

PRASM belts not only serve a significant purpose through the symbolism of colors (as discussed in the post Why Should You Care About Color?), but it also serves a higher purpose simply because your wearing a belt! So you get the best of both worlds when you rock a PRASM belt -the energy from color frequencies and the spiritual and 'in-tune' symbolism of wearing a belt at the center of your body! Who knew that adorning yourself with a belt could be so significant?

PRASM is a wonderful way to link the importance of color with the importance of wearing a belt, and PRASM is the coolest way to look good while doing so!!!

Try one of our belts for yourself and be visually expressive across different levels!! You can find PRASM belts at www.PRASMClothing.com or for more contact information please scroll down to the bottom of this page! Thanks for stopping by and have a spectacular week!