"Live Life in Full Color!"

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Just a Dab of Color

Wristbands and hats... complete your look with a PRASM Color-Style Wristband. Just a dab of PRASM color is all it takes to bring those outfits together on your laid-back, casual days. 

Zipper pocket.
Moisture proof.
Holds your small valuables.
Comes in all your favorite colors.

Live Life in Full Color!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Study Suggests Wearing Colorful Clothes to Work Will Boost Your Pay

According to a new study [from last year, 2015], wearing colorful clothing in the office can lead to pay raises and promotions.

The study was conducted by UK phone case firm Case Station and found that one in five 18 to 34-year-olds credit their promotions to wearing bright or colorful clothing, and that 20 percent of 25 to 34-year-olds claim it helped secure a pay raise.

Pyschologist Sir Cary Cooper told The Telegraph that wearing colorful work clothes tells others that creativity and confidence are your strong suits.

Which colors will get you noticed? The study insists that multicolored or patterned clothing will make you seem imaginative (according to 27 percent of us), followed by red (15 percent) and purple (10 percent).

*Article originally posted at www.Complex.com*

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Where are Your PRASM Accessories?

PRASM's D-Ring Canvas Belts, Sports Wristbands, and comfy Color-Style Socks are a simplistic and fashionable way to spruce up your 'street wear' without overstating your look.

With PRASM's unique color-style accessories, you don't have to spend hours in your wardrobe searching for a look that will stand out from the rest. Just choose a PRASM piece to put with your jeans, shorts, tees and tanks, and effortlessly you go from simple to "fashion forward!"

PRASM Clothing products are designed for the fashion conscious, the skateboarders, the street folks and everyone in between!

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Live Life in FULL Color!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Inspire Passion & Compassion

Since we're in the month of "love," or better yet the month of Valentine's Day, it's only right that we highlight the colors pink and red.

So what energetic influences does pink have for its wearer and those who gaze upon it? Pink inspires warmth, comfort and softness. It invites us to relax and see our immediate environment as a cozy haven for love and nurture. Pink is also a great color for those who want to feel more compassion in their interactions with others. It opens the way for letting down our guards and being emotionally available. In turn, this can make for a more relatable person.

What is it about the color red? Red is at times a rather infamous color and at other times a color you definitely wanna have in your wardrobe. Let's focus on the positive highlights of red in honor of V-Day. Red has a power unlike most colors. It tends to have immediate affects upon its wearer or observer. It inspires action, which can be a great help in times of procrastination and apprehension. It says
"just do it!" This points to red as a color of passion. When one follows their passion they rarely have time to procrastinate or put important things off. Red tells us to follow our passion without reservation. So imagine the beauty pink and red together can make.

Pink and red are an excellent combination for the psyche because they inspire forward action without stepping on the toes (or hearts) of others. We leap toward our passion (red) with compassion (pink). So play around with these two colors in combination and let the effects do what they do for your mental.

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Pick up a pair of red, Non-slip Sports Ankle Socks, a Zipper-Pocket Wristband or a Canvas D-Ring Belt today! And try our latest wristband color addition in pink while you're at it. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Coolness of Color!!

Happy New Year and welcome to 2016!! 

PRASM's key focus is all about the dynamics and coolness of color in fashion. We like to focus on color because of its power to transform the psyche of its wearer and because of the energies color tends to give off below the surface! Join us as we kick off 2016 with a few highlights on color...

o   Enhances human metabolism
o   Promotes respect, recognition and strength
o   Draws attention
o   Boosts mental and physical energy
o   Promotes honesty, aggression and a strong will
o   Promotes assertiveness
o   Enhances passionate love, sex, great energy and confidence
o   Brings passion and strength to relationships

o   Enhances good communication, peace, hope and aspiration
o   Promotes sincerity, devotion and patience
o   Symbolizes creativity, productiveness, honor and loyalty
o   Dark blue is the color of prestige, authority and power figures
o   Blue is beneficial for the mind and body as it slows human metabolism and produces a calming effect
o   Stimulates appreciation of music and arts
o   Opens the mind to realities beyond the physical senses

o   Gray is for neutrality and self-control
o   Enhances peace
o   For sophistication
o   Promotes friendship and quiet strength
o   Influences innocence
o   Enhances intelligence, modesty and dignity 
o   For balance and self-reliance

o   Green soothes and relaxes
o   Promotes abundance, prosperity and hope
o   Promotes stability, calmness and expansion
o   This is a color of balance
o   Promotes forgiveness and compassion
o   Enhances growth, new life and nature
o   Green is refreshing
o   Promotes love, beauty and inner peace

o   Yellow illuminates and clears the mind of the shadow of uncertainty
o   Promotes the warm promise of new beginnings and hope
o   Helps overcome obstacles 
o   Gathers self-confidence
o   Stimulates the mind
o   Influences success, progress, change and business communication
o   Connects us to our mental self
o   Promotes personal power, strength and a sense of self
o   Promotes enthusiasm and joy

o   Promotes enthusiasm, fascination, happiness and creativity
o   For full bodied power
o   Great for emotional energy and determination
o   Invigorates
o   Entices sensual pleasure
o   Promotes laughter, good things in life and increased interest
o   Connects us to our senses
o   Emotional balancing

o   For emotional love of self and others
o   Puts you in contact with your feelings of caring, tenderness, self-worth and love
o   Influences acceptance
o   Enhances or draws in friendships
o   For romantic and charming passion
o   Connects us with the heart to enhance giving and receiving
o   For youthfulness, enthusiasm and gentle energy 
o   Relieves tension

o   Purple is for power, nobility, luxury and ambition
o   For creativity
o   This is the color of mystery
o   Promotes spirituality
o   Urges us to find our power within
o   Enhances wisdom, dignity and independence
o   For the adventurous heart
o   Creative and strong mental
o   Promotes liveliness and tranquility

o   White is for purity, truth and innocence
o   For simplicity
o   Promotes safety, purity and cleanliness
o   For new beginnings, simplicity, peace and protection
o   Enhances inspiration
o   Opens one up
o   For balance and harmony
o   Connects us to our higher self

o   For power, elegance and formality
o   Grounds and protects
o   To become cloaked in mystery, wear black
o   Promotes potential and possibility
o   Enhances perspective and depth
o   Enhances confidence
o   For survival and self-control

o   Brown is for order, convention and stability
o   Promotes naturalness
o   Helps one to stay in the background and go unnoticed
o   Puts us in tune with nature
o   For simplicity and solidity
o   Promotes healing
o   Enhances sophistication and elegance
o   Promotes reliability

This year make an effort to be more observant of the colors you wear or the colors you surround yourself with. They reveal a great deal about who you are at the deeper level, which provides a key to understanding yourself. Knowing the properties of colors is also helpful when you desire to draw more of a particular type of energy or quality of being into your character or environment.

Feel free to visit our website. We have an array of color-style belts, sports socks and sports wristbands for both men and women. Enrich your wardrobe by adding a dash of splendid color... "Live life in color."

Cheers to you!

by Trice Lashea (Artsy Scribing & Design)