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Monday, November 26, 2012

The GREEN Series

When most people think of love, the color that would come to mind is probably pink, but green is also a "love" color, too!

Green is of a more universal, "brotherly" love. It is about respecting and appreciating our fellow human beings, nature and animals, to name a few. Green is one of the most abundant colors in nature and it is no surprise that hanging out in a "green" environment can be relaxing for the mind, heart and soul. The energy of this color has a lot to do with why we visit parks and other similar places in nature to clear our heads and restore our good moods. The color green can have this same effect on our feelings and mindset when we incorporate this color into the daily wardrobe.

Wear green to inspire compassion for those you come into contact with. This color is soothing to the senses -promoting harmony, balance, healing and hope. If you're looking to transition into a new phase (of any kind), wear this color because it assists you in any changes you need to make in your life. Think the seasonal changes of nature (color, weather, shedding of leaves, etc) and then you recognize how green can help you to transform, transition and grow.

Don't wait... add something green to your wardrobe or to your life! Allow yourself to take the energy of peace, love and relaxation out into the world with you no matter the season!

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By Trice Lashea for Artsy Scribing and Design.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Highlight Color of the Month: The Red Series

Color of the month: Red! It symbolizes energy, strength, power and determination. Red is assertive and bold, wear it when you feel like getting your courage up to make a power move. There's something confident about the color red. It seems to effortlessly encourage us to move forward and make things happen rather than let them happen! ;)

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Have a wonderful week!

By Trice Lashea for Artsy Scribing and Design

Friday, October 19, 2012

The PRASM Team On the Scene at Red Studio Loft Studio

Good day to our readers. Hope all is well!

On September 15, PRASM turned out at the Red Loft Studio grand opening party. We were proud to be a co-sponsor of this wonderful event! 

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Have a fantastic weekend!

Post and design by Patrice for Artsy Scribing and Design.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Funky Dose of PRASM Style!

There's something about bold colors that speak to us whether we consciously acknowledge it or not. It's no coincidence that wearing specific colors can often make us feel good, while boosting or restoring our energy and our appetite for life. Many of us probably don't give color much thought beyond trends and fashion.
Starting from today, try to wear specific colors while keeping their psychological/energetic properties in mind. For instance, one might wear green to feel connected with people on a universal level. When wearing the color green keep that component in mind and let the color's energies enhance your everyday routine. This same concept can be applied to all colors based on their individual properties. There's a vast amount of information on the net about the metaphysical, energetic and spiritual properties of colors. I'll list a few properties for the featured color-style PRASM belts in this article. Enjoy!

Blue is a wonderful color for those who have difficulty saying what they need to say. You know those times... where you walk away from a situation or discussion thinking about all the things you should've said, but couldn't get up the nerve to or things that you wanted to say, but couldn't find the right words to express it. Well blue is the color to adorn yourself with when you want to enhance your speech or self expression. It reminds us to let go and flow. Like green, blue is also consulted when the emotions need balancing, which explains why a body of water is often calming during stressful times.


 Throw in some yellow to add joy and happiness to a day that got off on the wrong start! Yellow is perfect because it teaches that opportunities await just over the horizon -think of the sun and its association with the color yellow. This color promotes self-love, self awareness and assertiveness. It immediately raises us to a place of confidence, the contagious kind! This color is meant to perk up your attitude a bit and remove you from your slump. When wearing this color think, "all is golden."

Rock purple when you need a deep sense of peace from within rather than without. If you're feeling out of sorts, alone or maybe like the world is against you, purple is a great color to wear. It reaffirms that true happiness and peace start from within. Purple teaches us to walk with our heads high and our hearts open, all the while knowing that we are protected by a higher power or higher consciousness. Purple teaches us to be comfortable in our personal power.

Indulge yourself in green accessories or garments when you need to feel more connected with the world and people around you.  Green restores our hearts back to universal love. This is also the color representing prosperity and abundance. Wear it to help with drawing in material abundance or to draw in that which you need more of. Green also has the ability to calm unsettled emotions, this is why taking walks in nature is often calming.

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Cheers :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Why You Should Wear the Color Green!

One of our primary themes at PRASM has been the focus of color and the psychological and emotional effects they have on us. Today, our focus is on the color green!

One of the primary and most abundant colors in nature is green. When you gaze outside your window, with the exception of looking up at the sky and seeing blue, you see green everywhere! This isn't a coincidence in nature, especially when you tune into what the color green stands for and the energy it promotes.

Green is the color of peace and universal love. This is one of the reasons that taking walks outdoors is so calming for our spirits and physical bodies. Green resets a broken spirit or a broken heart -at least for a time. It's up to you to maintain that peace of mind, however.

Green is  also the color of abundance. This makes sense as well when you think about how the color green is prominent in the natural world. Wear this color when you want to feel in tune with the world around you and when you need to be filled with an abundance of love for all. This abundance of universal love and peace, then draws in more of what you need and desire for yourself.

Green is also the color of transformation. When you're looking to make a drastic change in your life, let this color work its magic. Toads and frogs aren't green by coincidence. If you study the essence of the frog, you see that it is a primary symbol of transformation and evolution.

This is another color that I feel is underrated in the world of fashion. I, personally, don't see a lot of it incorporated in style trends. But perhaps this can change when we become aware of just how important green is to our world and our physical, spiritual, emotional and psychological well being.

So what are you waiting for? Adorn or surround yourself in something green today! It doesn't matter how much or how little green you have, just mentally tuning into the color is the way to gain the benefits of it.

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Wishing a wonderful rest of the week to all of our readers!

Cheers :)

Patrice (Artsy Scribing and Design)

Friday, July 27, 2012

A Hot Showcasing of Color-Style Fashion!

Have you checked out the PRASM collection of hot color-style belts and socks? Check out a beautiful showcasing of hot PRASM looks for summer!

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Patrice (Artsy Scribing & Design)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

STL Recording Artist, Laudie, Rocks PRASM

 Rapper and super producer, Laudie, rocks PRASM and talks about the freedom and versatility of PRASM accessories! 

Laudie rocking the PRASM Unisex D-Ring Belt and PRASM Cotton Blend Socks in khaki.

Laudie in the studio rocking the PRASM Unisex D-Ring belt and PRASM socks in red.

 Sporting the PRASM Unisex D-Ring Belt in green!

Laudie, again, rocking the PRASM Unisex D-Ring Belt in red.

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Patrice (Artsy Scribing and Design)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Add Some "Color Swag" To Your Look!!

PRASM's Unisex D-Ring Adjustable Canvas Belts are the best way to up the ante on your casual, everyday attire without committing "fashion overkill," as the saying goes! 

With PRASM's hot designer label belts, you don't have to spend hours in your wardrobe searching for a look that will turn heads or make you stand out. All you do is choose a PRASM color-style belt to put with your simple, everyday styles and like that, you have an abstract look that will take your simple, casual attire to the level of "fashionable." 

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Patrice (Artsy Scribing and Design)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Why Choose the Color Orange?

PRASM Canvas Belt in Orange
Hello lovely PRASM visitors!! Are you attracted to the color orange? Is it your favorite color, but you have no clue why? Or on the flip side. are you not a big fan of orange? Or maybe you're simply neutral about the color...

Regardless of which category you identify with, orange is definitely a color we could all use a little more of! Personally, I think the color is underrated. Let's take a look at what a little orange in your life can do! ;)

PRASM Canvas Belt in Orange.
PRASM Designer Cotton-Blend Sock in Orange
Orange is the color of endurance, vitality and joy. It has an invigorating effect on the senses, helping to stimulate mental activity and creativity. It physically puts you in action mode, but emotionally it softens us (in a healthy way) and inspires passion in all that we do.

Orange is often associated with sunsets, so this in itself gives orange an exotic and peaceful energy. Orange is an attention getter, but not in the same fashion as the color red. Orange draws in your attention, but once that attention is focused you find that orange has a less intimidating feel than the color red. Orange doesn't cause us to be alarmed and it isn't used to assert or be aggressive or even turn heads, but it puts us at ease within while simultaneously intriguing us and holding our attention. And don't get me wrong, orange can definitely turn heads, but not using the same energy as the color red. Red says, "here I am, all eyes on me, give me some attention" while orange says, "here I am, but there's more if you get closer and look deeper."

PRASM Canvas Belt in Orange

Orange is friendly and welcoming! You get no mixed feelings about the color orange. It simply sparks our imagination and can brighten any disposition.

Try this vibrant, fascinating color for yourself! To shop or browse our beautiful color-style canvas belts and cotton-blend socks, please visit our website or search "PRASM" on EBay.


"Unique Color-Style Accessories for Fashion and Apparel."

Written by Patrice for Artsy Scribing and Design.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Why Choose Purple?

When it comes to self expression, color plays an important role in helping to get a statement across without having to talk about it. Our color highlight this go round is purple. I love purple not only because it seems so mysterious and sexy, but even more so because it is the color of spirituality and personal power. So, why wear purple?

Wear purple to put you in a magical state of mind or to put you in an intensely creative zone. Purple opens the door to our spiritually expressive nature. This means that it allows you to feel and think deeply on significant matters that others might breeze right by. Purple puts us in a place of authority over our own lives and makes us royalty in our own personal court. Purple is the color that says to the world, "I know." This means that it leaves no room for doubt in your life. You simply know that you will be okay and that things will turn out as they should.

In a nutshell, purple is the color of leadership, so wear it when you want to feel in control and confident that you can get things done with ease.

Purple is the color of wisdom. Wear it when you want to ensure good direction in your life. Purple grounds us, but it reminds us of a higher power beyond our physical existence. This makes purple a good color for balancing our spiritual natures with our physical natures.

 Hope you find purple as intriguing as I do! It's such a powerful color.

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By Patrice Sims for Artsy Scribing and Design.

Friday, April 27, 2012

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Cheers to you and yours!

PRASM... "Unique Color-Style Accessories for Fashion and Apparel."

By Patrice for Artsy Scribing and Design

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spotlight Color: Yellow, the Color of Personal Power

First, I'll begin by wishing everyone a terrific Tuesday, especially our PRASM fans and friends! To get this Tuesday kicked off with some invigorating energy, we will celebrate yellow as our color of the week!

PRASM belt in Yellow. Shop with us on EBay by clicking here!

What's so special about yellow anyway? In my opinion, yellow seems relatively scarce in the fashion world. I could be wrong, but yellow just doesn't seem to be a first choice when considering the attire for the day.

Well I've got great news, perhaps something that will give you a whole new outlook on the color yellow. For starters, yellow is the color of personal power, joy and cheerfulness. It says to the world, "I can" and in my opinion it goes a step further projecting an energy that says, "I CAN and I WILL."

No matter how little or how much yellow you wear, this is a color that will clear your mind of clutter and make your thinking process clear and concise.  When you feel bogged down, depressed or indecisive about something wear yellow for inspiration. When you go to adorn yourself in this color keep in mind that you are taking a conscious step forward to assert yourself and live authentically. Yellow is related to the sun and its rays, which is why the sun is the perfect emblem for recognizing the true power of this color.

I absolutely love yellow because of the "free spirit" energy that comes with it. It's like the sun in that it allows you to shine regardless of where you are or what darkness may be clouding your life... this is illustrated in the way that the sun shines somewhere, somehow regardless of clouds or nightfall.

PRASM socks in Yellow! Shop with us by clicking here.

Yellow is what I'd consider a generator of beautiful energy. This energy allows things to grow and manifest effortlessly just as the sun supports the growth of plants or vegetation year round.

Stay tuned for more colors in PRASM's color series! And if you have anything to add about the colors we present, then feel free to leave us your thoughts! We'd LOVE it!

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Cheers ;)

Written by Patrice for Artsy Scribing and Design.