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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Get Your Color "Swag" On With PRASM!

PRASM's Unisex D-Ring Adjustable Canvas Belts are the best way to up the ante on your casual, everyday attire without committing "fashion overkill," as the saying goes! 

With PRASM's hot designer label belts, you don't have to spend hours in your wardrobe searching for a look that will turn heads or make you stand out. All you do is choose a PRASM color-style belt to put with your simple, everyday styles and like that, you have an abstract look that will take your simple, casual attire to the level of "fashionable." 

To shop with PRASM, visit our online store at www.PRASMClothing.com.


Patrice (Artsy Scribing and Design)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Color-Style Wristbands, Sports Socks, Canvas Belts and All That Good Stuff!

Featured here are the Blue PRASM Sports Socks and Sports Waterproof Wristband along with a vibrant Yellow Canvas D-Ring PRASM Belt. Keep your valuables safe from the elements and close while you walk, jog, run or workout.

PRASM Canvas D-Ring Belt and Sports Waterproof Wristband in Red.

PRASM Canvas D-Ring Belts in Blue, Green and Red! They can give your simple jeans, cargos and tees a fashion boost based on the vibrant colors alone!

PRASM Waterproof Sports Wristband in Black. Don't leave without those small but important items when you're out running or jogging or just hanging out!

Visit the PRASM online store for the best in color-style canvas belts and sports socks for men or visit EBay and Amazon for our hot new Waterproof Sports Wristbands! Thanks so much for checking us out! Have a great rest of the week!


By Trice (Artsy Scribing and Design)