"Live Life in Full Color!"

Friday, December 18, 2015

Tis' The Season for Color!

Celebrate the holiday season and the coming new year by giving the gift of color! PRASM is all about using color as a fashion focus. Yes, we're entering the drab season of winter, but our sense of style doesn't have to suffer. Keep it colorful anyhow!

What looks better among that pure white backdrop of winter whiteness other than fresh bursts of superb color?! PRASM accessories are a perfect way to use color as a fashion accessory and makes for great stocking stuffers. No fuss, no muss.

Get those waists, wrists and feet rocking with color this holiday season! Do it for yourself or someone else! 

Stuff a stocking! Visit PrasmClothing.com to check out the entire color-style selection of PRASM sports accessories. Also shop with us at Buy.com and at Amazon.com. Cheers!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Orange and Brown Autumn. It's a Celebration!

This is such a refreshing and reflective time of year. Just as in spring, the autumn season brings an explosion of colors that paint the outdoors in such gorgeous shades of natural tones. Without those vibrant color changes, autumn might not be quite as appealing and heartwarming as it is. 

Color makes a difference for us in terms of our emotions and psyches. And in honor of the autumn season I would like to highlight the colors orange and brown and how they truly complement this time of year.

Let's start with orange since we're in the month of October!! Orange is a great color for attracting warmth and support from the immediate environment, but it also gives off this same warmth, allowing its wearer to become a beacon of compassion, warmth, friendliness, and so on. The rustic orange shades of autumn give off this same energy and have the ability to incite feelings of love, joy and coziness (within and around us). 

Wear orange this season to draw in and give off optimism, compassion, lust for life, strength, endurance and so much more. Orange is a very powerful color! Don't overlook it this season, especially those dark or red-orange shades!

Now let's turn the color dial down a bit and get into a color we rarely talk about: brown. Brown makes perfect sense in the autumn season due to the vibration it gives off which reads 'stability.' After what may have been a flighty, fast-paced and exciting summer, this time of year invites us to slow down, reflect and get things in order. Brown often brings to mind the soil of the earth which makes sense as this is a time of harvest. Harvesting is about gathering the 'fruits' of the land at their culmination before winter sets in and things begin to die off. Wear brown as a reminder of your own personal harvest. This means that brown is perfect for honing in on and working with the best of your qualities and accomplishments thus far. 

Wear brown to promote order and stability and to bring to the surface the best of what you have to offer yourself and the world around you. Brown, in all its variations, is calmness, stability, seriousness, warmth, comfort, materialism, convention, groundedness, endurance, and so on. Don't overlook brown this season either! In fact, put browns and oranges together for a superb combination of appealing and natural earthiness. With all the variations of orange and brown out there, the combinations are vast. 

The PRASM line offers a couple different variations of orange and brown in our solid ColorStyle line of sports socks, canvas belts and wristbands. Find them on eBay and Amazon, as well as our web store at PrasmClothing.com!

Have a great rest of the week!! Cheers!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Color of the Week: Green! Rejoice in it's Freshness!

One of our focuses with PRASM accessories is dynamic color and the psychological and emotional effects they have on us. Let's discuss the color green.

One of the primary and most abundant colors in nature is green. When outdoors you usually see the green of nature somewhere! This isn't a coincidence, especially when you understand what the color green stands for and the energy it promotes.

Green is the color of peace and universal love. This is one of the reasons that taking walks outdoors is so calming for our spirits and physical bodies. Green resets a broken spirit or a broken heart -at least for a time. It's up to you to maintain that peace of mind, however.

Green is  also the color of abundance. This makes sense as well when you think about how the color green is prominent in the natural world. Wear this color when you want to feel in tune with the world around you and when you need to be filled with an abundance of love for all. This abundance of universal love and peace then draws in more of what you need and desire for yourself.

Green is the color of transformation. When you're looking to make a drastic change in your life, let this color work its magic. Toads and frogs aren't green by coincidence. If you study the essence of the frog, you see that it is a primary symbol of transformation and evolution.

This is another color that I feel is underrated in the world of fashion. But perhaps this can change when we become aware of just how important green is to our world and our physical, spiritual, emotional and psychological well being.

So what are you waiting for? Dress or surround yourself in something green! It doesn't matter how much or how little green you have, just mentally tuning into the color is the way to gain the benefits of it.

To shop the color-style PRASM collection, visit our online store at www.PRASMCLOTHING.com. We specialize in color-style socks, wristbands and belts for men and women. Find PRASM gear on eBay and Amazon, too!

Cheers :)

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Got Color?!

PRASM's Unisex D-Ring Adjustable Canvas Belts are the best way to up the ante on your casual, everyday attire without committing "fashion overkill," as the saying goes! 

With PRASM's hot designer label belts, you don't have to spend hours in your wardrobe searching for a look that will turn heads or make you stand out. Just choose a PRASM color-style belt to put with your simple, everyday styles and like that you have a somewhat abstract look that takes your casual attire to the "fashion forward" level!

While you're at it why not add a bit of "color-style" wrist flair for your daily workout routines?! The PRASM Water-Resistant Zipper-Pocket Wristbands are a perfect accessory for all your sports and athletic activities.  Our PRASM Zipper-Pocket Wristbands can easily hold your keys, loose change and paper money, or any other small items you take during your fitness routines. 

PRASM Zipper-Pocket Wristbands are made of the highest quality Ring Spun Absorbent Cotton Blend with an elastic band for comfort, fit, and superb shape retention.  Our patented Water-Resistant Zipper-Pocket Liner is designed to protect your valuables from getting wet from sweat and the elements during your activity.

Not a person who is very active? No problem! PRASM's Zipper-Pocket ColorStyle Wristbands are also perfect for straight styling it up. Get your wrist flair popping by adding a touch of color-style arm candy! These wristbands are another great way to express yourself through color.

PRASM Clothing products are designed for the fashion conscious, and are some of the coolest fashion forward accessories today!

To buy PRASM belts, wristbands, and other accessories, please visit our online store at www.PRASMCLOTHING.com or find us on eBay and Amazon!

Cheers, and thanks for stopping by for a read!

By Trice (for Artsy Scribing and Design)


Friday, June 5, 2015

Be the Coolest this Summer

Summer is fast approaching and with it that good old summer heat we all love. Lol! Beat the heat and be the coldest this summer with some cool and stylish accents of color to keep your styles fresh. 

Ever just sit and people watch? I especially love to do this in the warm seasons. People are walking objects of art and it's nice just to watch style/fashion in motion. While observing the many unique styles out there, I've noticed that this is a HOT time in fashion. People truly seem to do their own thing when it comes to expressing themselves through the art of dressing. Almost anything goes and can be fashionable!

One of my favorite aspects of fashion is the various ways that unlikely colors can be paired or even tripled up to make for smokin' original looks. Also, what I tend to hone in on is where on the body people choose to express their love for dynamic color.

PRASM's line of solid color-style accessories get the job done when you simply want to accent your style with popping color choices. No need to browse around in department stores (or your closet) for hours and hours trying to find the "it" look. Sometimes you need look no further than a simple casual fit and adding in some colorful accessories. 

PRASM's line features color-style accessories that focus on highlighting the least likely parts of the body. Add some flavor and swag to those feet, wrists and waistlines with dynamic color! It doesn't take much messing around in your closet at all. You can pick simple, casual attire from your wardrobe and take it to the next level with touches of high quality color. 

For the active folks out there, PRASM's rich solid colored accessories can spice up athletic activities by putting you in touch with colors ranging outside the usual white, black and gray tones. Instead of color focused tennis shoes, put the focus on your feet with a pair of thick, supportive and ultra comfortable PRASM sports socks. Give your feet the attention they deserve since they serve you day in and day out anyway!

Forget about the heat this summer and look your coolest with splashes of rich colored accessories!

Looking for our high quality line of solid color-style accessories? Find PRASM's sporting goods at www.PrasmClothing.com and on eBay and Amazon.

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

In Time for Spring

PRASM is all about focusing on the dynamics of solid color in addition to comfort and support when it comes to sporting goods or accessories. So far PRASM has originated and introduced a superb line of eyecatching solid color sports socks, wristbands, and canvas d-ring belts. Not only is the PRASM line a great way to express yourself effortlessly through color, but it is also a line that keeps in mind the necessity of support in just the right areas.

The PRASM Solid Color Ankle Socks for men are designed with a no-slip quality about them while you run or workout. We all know too well about those socks that tend to slip down into our shoes the moment we get active with workouts. It can be annoying to say the least, but with the PRASM socks we guarantee thickness, comfort and support while you move about. No slippage!

The PRASM Solid Color Wristbands are another option which serves as an aid to the athletic person. Going for a morning jog or workout at the neighborhood gym and don't wish to take a wallet or purse? Well, our Solid Color Zipper-Pocket (and moisture-proof) Wristbands allow you to drop a couple of keys, money, and ID's or credit cards (as well as other small objects) into its pocket. You can have your immediate valuables close during those active days. 

Just in time for spring, PRASM has added a new addition to its line of belts, socks and wristbands. Now you can express your PRASM pride with a cool, flashy PRASM Tee. So far the T-Shirts are available in black and white for both men and women. 

Swing by the our website (or eBay and Amazon) and browse our vibrant selection of solid color style accessories. Live your life in FULL color! 



Monday, March 9, 2015

Why Color Matters

    Color is not simply a way to make a statement, but it is a way to encourage yourself and others around you! How does this work? Well, colors come with their own energies or vibrations (as established by science) and can influence your day or even your life!

    For instance, if one morning you find yourself in a funk and you feel like the whole day is going to drag, you can add something yellow to your attire. Yellow is known for its ability to bring joy, happiness and fun! If you feel unstable in a particular environment, situation or just in general, you can wear dark brown to promote stability and make you feel more in control! Wearing orange is a fantastic way to start a day of school or work because it promotes energy and intellect, two things that are useful for situations that call for flexing our brain capacity! On a particular day you may have to function in a hustle and bustle environment, one in which you may not feel at ease... This is where the color blue would be helpful for it promotes peace and tranquility! Don't knock the power of colors until you try incorporating them into your everyday life! Sometimes it only takes a simple action to lift our spirits and get us on track! Adding color to your life is one of the "age-old" ways do it!

    PRASM is proud to be functioning inside the color niche with belts, wristbands and socks! We realize that a little color can go a long way in not only making a fashion statement, but also in lifting moods, promoting love, happiness, peace, joy and then some!

    Slip into a pair of PRASM ColorStyle socks simply for the comfortableness of them, as a way to accent your casual wardrobe, OR as a way to influence your psyche through the energetic properties of color! 

    Take a look at our color chart below for a general rundown on color symbolism.

    Also feel free to check out the PRASM website at PRASMClothing.com. Our ColorStyle accessories can also be found on eBay and Amazon. See you there!


Friday, February 6, 2015

Why Rock Purple??

When it comes to self expression, color plays an important role in helping to get a statement across without having to talk about it. Our color highlight this go round is purple. I love purple not only because it seems so mysterious and sexy, but even more so because it is the color of spirituality and personal power. So, why wear purple?
Wear purple to put you in a magical state of mind or to put you in an intensely creative zone. Purple opens the door to our spiritually expressive nature. This means that it allows you to feel and think deeply on significant matters that others might breeze right by. Purple puts us in a place of authority over our own lives and makes us royalty in our own personal court. Purple is the color that says to the world, "I know." This means that it leaves no room for doubt in your life. You simply know that you will be okay and that things will turn out as they should.

In a nutshell, purple is the color of leadership, so wear it when you want to feel in control and confident that you can get things done with ease.
Purple is the color of wisdom. Wear it when you want to ensure good direction in your life. Purple grounds us, but it reminds us of a higher power beyond our physical existence. This makes purple a good color for balancing our spiritual natures with our physical natures.
I adore purple! It's such a powerful color.

At PRASM we specialize in focusing on the power of color. We are the original brand for ColorStyle Sports Wristbands, ColorStyle Canvas D-Ring Belts and ColorStyle Sports Socks. To shop with PRASM, visit our website or search for " PRASM" on EBay
and Amazon!


By Trice Lashea
for Artsy Scribing and Design.