"Live Life in Full Color!"

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Allow Some Color To 'Fall' Into Your Life!!

Fall is here and this is a wonderful time to add vivid and beautiful accents to your wardrobe! We all know that some tend to shy away from wearing outstanding shades of color, but we also know that many of those same people absolutely adore color! Who doesn't?!

PRASM belts and socks are a great way to transition into those audacious colors that often grab our attention, but leave some of us wondering just whether or not we can actually pull it off! No longer do you have to be worried with whether or not you are committing fashion overkill by being too 'colorful' because we offer you a great way to slide into your fashionably creative side WITHOUT having to be bothered with all the detail that can come with being "stylish."

If you'd rather stick to the classic,
neutral/earth tones this season, try one of our
brown PRASM belts! We have other
neutral shades as well!
Even the upper tiers of the fashion industry are paying a tribute to color this season! As reported by ElleGirl.Elle.com, this season's trend will feature "Crayola-colored" pants! Now how's that for colorful?!

Here at PRASM Clothing, we make solid-colored belts and socks the 'attention grabbing' component of your look... making it simpler to step into one of this season's hottest trends, vivid and thriving shades of color!

With one of our color focused PRASM belts you can turn a drab, casual look into a funky, retro or urban vibe!

Lift your spirits, lift your mood, lift a few eyes toward your style with a dash of color!

Please don't forget to visit our website for more information at PRASMClothing.com or at our online ebaY location! Also see the bottom of this page for more contact information! Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Why Should You Care About Color?

PRASM belt in blue!
Color is not simply a way to make a statement, but it is a way to encourage yourself and others around you! How does this work? Well, colors come with their own energies or vibrations (as established by science) and can influence your day or even your life!

PRASM belt in red!
For instance, if one morning you find yourself in a funk and you feel like the whole day is going to drag, you can add something yellow to your attire. Yellow is known for its ability to bring joy, happiness and fun! If you feel unstable in a particular environment, situation or just in general, you can wear dark brown to promote stability and make you feel more in control! Wearing orange is a fantastic way to start a day of school or work because it promotes energy and intellect, two things that are useful for situations that call for flexing our brain capacity! On a particular day you may have to function in a hustle and bustle environment, one in which you may not feel at ease... This is where the color blue would be helpful for it promotes peace and tranquility! Don't knock the power of colors until you try incorporating them into your everyday life! Sometimes it only takes a simple action to lift our spirits and get us on track! Adding color to your life is one of the "age-old" ways do it!

PRASM belt in yellow!

PRASM is proud to be functioning inside the color niche with belts and socks! We realize that a little color can go a long way in not only making a fashion statement, but also in lifting moods, promoting love, happiness, peace, joy and so much more!

Slip into a pair of PRASM socks simply for the comfortableness of them, as a way to accent your casual wardrobe, OR as a way to influence your day by using the color's energy to lift you! Our PRASM belts are also a splendid way to accent your casual dress attire, draw attention to your everyday outfit or promote good energy through vibration of color! Try it and see how it makes you feel!

To see more color symbologies, please take a look at our color chart below and please check us out on our website at PRASMClothing.com and at our online ebaY location at bit.ly/nvin1J!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Let Us Welcome You to PRASM Clothing!!

PRASM Clothing is an apparel company featuring men's and women's socks and belts. How is the PRASM line different from other apparel companies? PRASM is different because it offers an array of beautiful, bold colors that can turn a "simple" outfit into a more expressive one! PRASM is set apart from other apparel lines because its focus is on colors and how they can be worn as, not only a stylish addition, but a positive addition to your wardrobe as well!

PRASM was founded on the thought that typical, everyday attire did not have enough solid, refreshing color. With this thought came the bright idea to incorporate dynamic, solid-colored socks and belts as a way to elevate a look from "simple" to artistic and fashionably expressive! Beyond the fashion angle, the designers at PRASM know that colors in general have significant spiritual and psychological properties attached to them. Colors come with their own vibrations or energies and contribute most effectively to our state of mind. (We'll do future blog posts on the importance of color in your wardrobe, so be sure to come back for more).

The PRASM brand is aimed at men and women from middle school to mid-to-late forties. This line of apparel can fit into any lifestyle and compliment any wardrobe! PRASM Clothing also has an artistic niche that appeals highly to the skateboard and hip-hop genre of urban color-style seekers. PRASM is designed for those who love to draw positive attention to themselves, those who value the boldest and most original sense of self expression and those who love to look good without trying too hard!

The PRASM brand was trademarked in November of 2010 and the company has very high hopes for the future! Over the next few years or so the goal is to end up in all major department stores across the country. As far as future PRASM products go, the designers are working on new styles, designs and fabrics which will be announced as they are finalized. Keep an eye out!

Welcome, again, to PRASM Clothing! Grab a few belts and socks for yourself and add a dash of color to your life!